Nashvillians celebrate songwriting royalty for Novella – News & Views

A man who is credited with writing one of Nashville’s most beloved Novellas is set to be paid for it, as well as other works by other composers.

Nashville composer Pauline Smith has been paid more than $1 million in royalties over the last decade for songs penned by her husband, the late John Nash, according to records obtained by The Tennessean through a public records request.

She’s also got another piece of music to be honored, a Novelli, written in 2013 by her son and son-in-law, David Anderson and his wife, Susan Anderson, that was performed by singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley.

It was recorded by David Anderson at the Nashville Opera House and released by Sony Music in 2014.

The two composers shared royalties of about $300,000, records show.

The music is not on the Nashville Music Library’s “Top 100 Hits” list.

The Nashville Music License, signed in 1972, requires a composer to receive royalties for their work.

It is also known as the Nashville Artist License.

Nate Smith, the Nashville composer who wrote the Novello and its successor, is the only one of Nash’s four surviving children to receive a license, according.

He also wrote a book that he co-wrote with his son, and a concert performance in which his son performed as part of the orchestra.

He was inducted into the Music Hall of Fame in 2017.

The Nashville Music Library has said it will pay for the expenses of the Smiths’ children to perform in the future.

Smith was born in 1884 and died in 1976.

She was the wife of Nashville composer John Nash and father of two sons, David and Susan.


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