Gwen Stefani’s Gwen St. Louis’ ‘Songs of Innocence’ will be on sale at Target and Amazon as well as on the iTunes store, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

When Gwen Stacy and her fiancé Justin Theroux decided to move to Los Angeles and pursue their music careers together, they were thrilled to discover the vast selection of music available at Target.

When they got their first copy of Gwen’s debut solo album, Songs of Hope and Love, they found themselves hooked.

In fact, Gwen herself described the record as “just the perfect companion piece to a movie theater.”

As Gwen wrote in the song’s official description, “In this song we can feel all of the things that we love and feel when we’re not in the spotlight and in our own space.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy in my life.”

But when they decided to go into production with their debut album, The Sorrowful Promise, it wasn’t quite as simple as simply adding music to a screen.

“It was really hard for us to make this album, because we didn’t have much experience working with music,” Gwen explained to the New York Times.

“We were all used to working with electronic instruments and things like that.

So it was a lot of trial and error, trying to find the right sounds and things to do that would make it work, and also make it really sound like a live show.”

As it turned out, the songs on the album didn’t come from any kind of studio.

They were all recorded in Gwen and Justin’s backyard.

They spent countless hours mixing, arranging, and arranging, just like artists do when they’re making music for the first time.

“The first record was recorded on a drum kit with a tape machine, and the second record was a little bit of a mix,” Geths said to the Times.

This time around, they had to mix and master everything on the fly.

As Geth’s songwriting partner and fellow producer Justin Therouis put it, “This time we had to put a lot more effort into the songs and have to find what we’re doing in the recording studio.”

It wasn’t just about getting the right mix.

It was also about how the songs would sound.

“I think that for us, it was important that it wasn ‘perfect’ in that we tried to give it an emotional feel and make it feel authentic,” Gothas said.

They wanted it to be as real as possible and “something that you would feel when you walked into a theater or something like that,” Therou said.

Gwen said they didn’t want to sound “like an indie band or a pop group,” but instead “have a real indie feel.”

So they began to work on songs that were more upbeat, like the “soulful songs that are so important in the world,” and less focused on a particular sound or mood.

“When you’re making something that’s so important, and it’s so emotional and so intimate, and you want it to feel like you’re in it, then you have to be able to play a lot with it,” Theroux explained.

“But then you also have to take care of it.

It’s so much more important to take a lot care of a song than it is to play it for a very long time.”

“The song was all about the fact that you can’t just make a song that is perfect,” Guthas said to Billboard.

“You have to create a song for yourself, for yourself alone.

That’s what we did.

And we created the songs that we made, and that was the real journey for us.”

They didn’t just listen to a bunch of old singles on Spotify and play it to their friends.

“There was one song that we wrote, we just went and did it, and we just put it on YouTube, and then the first person that listened to it on Spotify, that person was really, really cool,” Therove explained to Billboard in 2016.

“And they loved it, because they knew that it was not from some studio.

It wasn.

It came from this soulful place.”

So the next step was figuring out how to make the songs feel authentic, something Guths and Therou have already achieved.

“Because it’s really personal to us, we really wanted to be a part of this process, where we felt like we really had to be authentic,” Thero said to Gothast.

“This is where it really started, where it was really important that we wanted to make sure that we were really doing the song with the emotion of that song.”

In this video for ‘Sorrowful Hope and Hope,’ Geth tells the story of the first day she met Justin Therove.

‘The songs were all about being real, but they were also really intimate and authentic, so that was really a part that we did


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