What happens when a band with a popular song becomes a big-name recording artist?

By the time Latham’s debut album was released, Latham was a household name in the world of music publishing.

In a few years, she would go on to write and record four more albums, with another in the works.

But now, Lottas life is in limbo.

Her manager has gone through several companies over the years, including an independent record label, but she says she can’t get a contract, despite the fact that she is one of the best-selling solo artists in the U.S.

She’s also not a signed artist.

She says that the label has tried to negotiate with her in the past, but hasn’t been successful.

“There are a few people that have been interested in getting me a deal, but they haven’t been able to get me on a record deal,” she said.

“So I’m in limbo.”

Latham is not alone.

The Recording Industry Association of America has said that in the last five years, the number of independent record labels have dropped by 75 percent.

But that’s not stopping artists like Latham.

“The industry is very, very, VERY slow,” she explained.

“It’s a real shame that they don’t know how to work with independent artists, because they are amazing, and they’re going to keep doing great work for years to come.”

I think it’s a big problem that we have a lot of artists and we don’t have the same opportunities as people in other industries.


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