New royalty agreement for Christian Music Publishers

By KENNETH BISHOPAssociated PressPublishers in Canada and the U.S. and other countries are getting an exclusive deal with one of the country’s largest Christian music publishers.

The deal is a boon for the Christian music industry in Canada, which has struggled with record-low sales of albums and CDs, as well as the proliferation of streaming services.

It also gives rights holders more control over the music and distribution rights to Christian music, including rights to license the music to retailers, according to the agreement.

In Canada, where most Christian music is recorded, the deal is expected to benefit the countrys largest record labels, with the major labels having to negotiate with the big publishers.

It will also give rights holders a bigger piece of the music pie, especially with the release of new albums and CD sales slowing.

For Christian music producers, the new agreement means that if they can secure the rights to distribute their music, they will be able to get the same amount of money from publishers.

The new royalty agreement will be more advantageous for smaller independent labels.

The agreement with Abkco Music Publishing is the latest in a series of royalty deals that have been announced by major Christian music companies and record labels.

Abkco is a major Canadian publisher, with titles such as The Story of Jesus, A New History of Jesus and The Bible.

It is owned by a Christian family that owns a number of large Canadian businesses, including a record label, a music publisher, a television network and a TV station.

Abkhco is one of Canada’s biggest record labels with a vast portfolio of Christian music.

It owns a publishing company and a music publishing company.

Its publisher is a family-owned business called the B.C. Christian Music Publishing.


C Christian Music publisher Andrew Dutta, a retired lawyer, and his wife are the co-owners of AbkCo Music Publishing, which is based in Victoria, B.J. (AbkCo is the publisher of the AbkCO Music publishing in Canada.)

The Dutts founded AbkCMS in 2011, after Andrew Duto’s wife, Jennifer, had a stroke and lost a great deal of her ability to work.

They have now been managing the business, which owns rights to the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and other books.

The Dutoes own a number the major Christian publishing houses, including the major record labels and Christian music publishing houses in Canada.

Abklose has been producing Christian music for more than 30 years, and its first major title was the 2014 hit The Story Of Jesus, a single recorded in 2013 and a hit song in 2015.

The record is a hit in Canada where Christian music has become an important cultural and religious force.

Its sales have grown faster than the country as a whole, and the album has become a best seller.


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