Irish publisher sells out US debut of new album – The Irish Independent

The Irish music publisher JOE Records has sold out its US debut album, which is the latest title to sell out in its history.

The new album, entitled I Am Irish, is due to be released on November 18.

In total, JOE records sold more than 1,400 copies of the album worldwide and has sold more in Ireland than in any other country.

The Irish-American publisher, founded by a team of Irish writers and musicians, sold the record to Warner Music Group, which has distributed it to a number of other European and US labels.

JOE’s new album was produced by the Dublin-based studio band The Fats Dominoes.

“I Am Irish” is the first JOE album to feature Irish talent, said Brian Rafferty, chief executive officer at JOE.

“We want to show people the range of talent we have here in Ireland.

It’s a really good start and it’s good to see the Irish music industry really get its footing.”

The record has been recorded and mixed at the Dublin studio of FatsDominoes, which also has a record label in the US.

The band has released a number, including a single, in the past and last year was nominated for a Juno award.

The album is the fifth in the JOE catalogue, following The White Album, The Big Three, The Bachelorette and The Party.

Joe has previously released four albums in the last six years, including the critically acclaimed The Ballad of David and The Irish Story.

Joes sales figures have been in steady decline over the last five years, with the majority of its sales coming from US-based outlets.

Sales figures for the previous four years show the band’s sales to be below 1,000 copies.

In 2013, it sold 1,906,000 records, a decline of 30 per cent on the previous year.


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