Miklos Sokorski: I’ll Stop Calling My Book “An Epic Rap”

Miklos Sikorski’s first novel, The Big Book of Hate, is available in print and online at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and other retailers.

Sikorsky’s second novel, Daughters of the Light, is also available in hardcover and paperback.

Both books are set in the same world, and both explore the relationships between a black woman and a white man, but Sikorskais book is more concerned with the experiences of both black people and white people. 

In his introduction to the novel, Sikorskois son, Nicholas, says, “The title The Big Black Book of Hatred and the title of the novel is a nod to the Black Power Movement.”

He goes on to say that he and his father are “white nationalists and nationalists.”

“Daughters of Light” is a story about love and hate, love and anger, and the relationship between a white and black man.

The novel follows the struggles of a young black woman named Jena who discovers that she has the ability to use the Book of Love.

This power allows her to turn hate into love, and it has a tragic effect on her husband, Keith, who is black. 

The book features a number of characters from Sikors’ life. 

Nicholas Sikorsski is a novelist who has a unique perspective on the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as his own personal journey as a writer and black artist. 

He has published over 40 novels and six poetry collections.

Sikoras novels include the novel The Big Picture, the collection My Life with the Book, and Daughters.

Sikoros first novel,, is available for purchase in print, paperback, and ebook from Amazon.

Com, Barnes and Noble, and IndieBound.

He has written the non-fiction books, “An Open Letter to the White Man” and A New American Dream.

Sikos books have also been translated into dozens of languages. 

“The Big Book Of Hate” is about a young woman who discovers the power of the Book Of Love to transform her own life.

In this story, Sikoras protagonist is a black man who has been living with an abusive and white woman. 

I spoke with Sikorskis son about why he chose to write a novel about love, racism, and a man who hates himself.

 “My book is about love,” Sikorskas son told me.

“It is about the power and the powerlessness of love.

It is about how to love another person, and I am trying to show that to the world through this book. 

 My mother has a great relationship with my father, Keith.

Keith is the same person as I am, and Keith is a very loving person.

Keith loved my mother very much and Keith loved me back very much, too.

My mother and Keith love each other and Keith and I are really good friends. 

My book, Daughter of the Sun, is about Keith’s love for my father.

My father loves me and I love him very much.

My mom loves Keith very much.”

 I asked Sikorss son if he had any advice for people looking to write about race and love in the Black community.

“My advice is to love your enemies,” Sikoras son said.

“The best way to do that is to get to know your enemies. 

You have to love yourself.

If you love yourself, you’ll love the world.

If your love for the world is strong, you can be a great human being. 

Keith loved his mother very, very much,” Sikorasson continued. “

People are trying to be perfect, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Keith loved his mother very, very much,” Sikorasson continued.

“Keith loves his mother and he loves me.

Keith and my mother love each another.

Keith loves my mother and I really love him.

Keith doesn’t care if I’m white or black or whatever. 

There is nothing I would change about Keith or anything about Keith.

I love Keith and he’s not going to change that.

He’s going to love me, too.” 

Nichos Sikorsks book,Daughters, is a non-violent and hopeful story about how love can change the world for the better. 

It features the love of a white woman and her black husband.

Sikor is a writer with an excellent voice, and has published a number. 

For Sikors son, The Black Book, is an important book for all Americans to read. 

What is your favorite Sikors books?

Share in the comments below. 

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