Which Spanish-language publishers are doing the best job of keeping fans happy?

Spanish publishers, including Amsco Music Publishing (AMSP) and EMI, are doing an excellent job of supporting their Spanish-speaking fans by delivering high-quality music to fans in the country, according to the latest Nielsen Music Top 200 list.

The report found that Spanish-only content increased by 21% year-on-year in 2016 to 9.6 million streams, the most in the industry.

The majority of the gains came from Spanish-based publishers such as BMG (BMI), RCA (RCA), Universal Music (UMM), Warner Bros (WB) and Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPN).

The report also found that the top-selling albums were by Spanish-native artists like Miguel, Yung Joc, Temptation and Sia, and also the best-selling digital music.

The survey found that Spotify has overtaken Spotify as the most-streamed music service in the US, with 1.3 million monthly active users.

Spotify also had the highest streaming-attention ratio of all the services.

However, Spotify has also gained some ground in the chart rankings.

Spotify’s streaming-ratio rose to 7.6 from 6.8 in the previous year, according the Nielsen report.

However it also has more content available than the top four US streaming services combined, which means that Spotify is a major player in the American music market.

However in other areas, such as streaming-to-download, Spotify was in the middle.

Spotify was also the second-most-streaming music service among people aged 18-49, behind Apple Music, with 676,000 monthly active customers.

Apple Music had 2.1 million monthly users, while Spotify had 1.5 million.

“Spotify continues to be a leader in music and video on the internet,” said David M. Rosenblum, vice president of product marketing at Spotify.

“We’ve built an incredible product and it continues to grow.

Our focus has always been on delivering the best music experience to our customers, and we’re excited about what’s ahead.”

Amsca, the largest Spanish-marketing company, also enjoyed a strong year in 2016, with a 32% rise in music sales.

The company has continued to build its library of Spanish-themed artists and song titles, including the new Spanish-featuring album by MÜNICA.

It also expanded into the music market in other categories, such on mobile and on the streaming side.

“Amsca is continuing to invest in the Spanish-English language content market and continues to leverage the platform for its users and partners,” said John L. Ritchie, vice chairman of Amscan.

“This year we expanded our presence in the music- and culture-based business, launching the Amscom Spanish-American Radio Music Service in the U.S., as well as expanding our radio coverage of local music.

AmsCO Music Publishing is a top-performing Spanish-listed publisher in terms of overall sales.

It has a strong portfolio of award-winning Spanish-produced music that is available for streaming, and its streaming content reaches a broad audience.

The AmsCo Music Publishing team is actively engaging with our Spanish-speakers to ensure the quality of their music is the best in the world, and the company is committed to its long-term future in the English-language music market.”

The report showed that AmsCan had more Spanish-owned albums sold in the past year than the combined English- and Spanish-pop music albums of Spotify, Apple Music and Rhapsody.

Amisano, the second largest Spanish publisher, also had a strong 2015, with more than 9 million songs sold, more than Apple and RCA combined.

Amps also has a very strong record of developing and publishing albums that reach mainstream audiences, and that includes the hit Spanish-sung songs by Sia and MØ.

The top-seller in the album category was by Spanish singer-songwriter MÖNICA, which reached No. 1 in the UK with 6,300 sales.

Amso had a big year in 2017 with more titles released and more content.

The album that had the most albums sold was the Spanish Spanish-inspired Spanish-electronic pop hit, “Por Fuego,” by La Gente (Gente).

The song was made available on Spotify and is now available for stream on YouTube.

“Gente was a great collaboration between AmsCa and La Genda,” said Amso’s CEO Carlos Moya.

“La Gente, along with the team at AmsCA, created a powerful album that was made with AmsBuena and AmsBes.

We are proud of the fact that Amso was able to release an album that resonates in the hearts of Spanish fans and resonates with the hearts and ears of listeners across the world.”

Amso also has several other


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