The Irish Music Awards: Best of the year

The Irish music awards have had an excellent year with several outstanding entries, including the best album of the season, the best song of the day, and the best performance of the week.

Read more about The Irish Arts Awards here The best of the month has been given to The Biggest Bitch by Irish singer and actress Lise Molloy, the Irish folk song and the Irish music award winner ‘The Irish Folk Song’ by Nana, and Irish folk singer, poet and composer Eamonn Murchison.

In addition, the Best Performance in a Dramatic Role in a Musical or Musical Instrument category was won by Irish composer Brian Quinn, and best instrumental piece of music, and song, in a musical or musical instrument category was awarded to Irish singer, singer-songwriter, singer and songwriter Eamonns Murchinson.

The best of a year was also given to the Irish-British duo, The Big Big Bang, whose song ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ was awarded the best dance number in a show by the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

This year, the award for Best Performance at a Theatre went to the British trio, The Black Crowes, for their song ‘All That I Want For Christmas is You’.

The Irish Music Award has been named by The Irish Independent as one of the best music awards of the 20th century.

Read the Irish Independent’s list of the top music awards here


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