How to avoid ‘fake’ album covers

Music publisher Imc Music has launched a free service that allows anyone to upload photos and videos of their favourite artists.

The service, called Imc Cover, is currently available on iTunes and Spotify.

Users can choose from images of their favourites and upload them to the service, which will then generate a unique cover for each artist they upload.

The music publisher has taken the idea of Cover very seriously and it’s using technology to ensure the photos are 100 per cent accurate.

“We’re really excited to launch Imc cover because we’ve found that it’s a really great way to share photos of your favourite artists with fans around the world,” Imc CEO Simon Meehan said.

Imc covers are a great way for artists to showcase their artwork and for fans to learn more about their favourite musicians.””

Imc cover works because it takes your photos and uses artificial intelligence to produce an original cover that’s 100 per 100 per% accurate.

Imc covers are a great way for artists to showcase their artwork and for fans to learn more about their favourite musicians.”

The Imc service is being rolled out to the US and Canada.

Imoc covers will only be available on, which has already been launched in Australia.

It is not yet clear if Imc is also making Imc music available in other countries.

Imc Music says the ImcCover service is free to use.

Users who upload photos, videos and artwork can upload them via Imc’s website or directly from their device, or they can download the ImocCover app and download it to their smartphone or tablet.

If you have an Imc app on your device, you can download it from the App Store.

You will be able to see your Imccover cover in the app and choose which artists you’d like to see it featured on.

You can then upload your photos or videos to Imc to have them automatically featured on the cover.

For Imc fans who upload images to ImcoCover, Imc has created a system to automatically create a custom cover.

The process involves uploading a new image to Imcompose and the app will create a new cover image from the original photo.

Imcomposing then creates the new cover from the image and tags it with a custom code that the user can use to add the artist’s name and track record.

If a cover is selected, the user will receive a confirmation email that includes their personal details.

Imco Cover is also available on Apple Music and Spotify, and will soon be rolling out to other music platforms.