Merlin Music Publishing redefines “musical publishing” with the launch of an app that allows fans to discover, discover and discover again

Merlin’s musical publishing arm has announced a new app that makes it easier than ever to discover and enjoy the music you love.

The company said the Merlin App will allow fans to search for music on Spotify and Apple Music and access a catalogue of more than 50 million songs.

The app will also feature exclusive content and exclusive tracks, including a playlist of songs from the band Merlins new album ‘My Songs Know How’.

Merlin’s first foray into the mobile music app market was the launch in 2014 of a streaming service called Spotify.

Merlin Music’s new app will let fans find and discover music without having to go searching.

The App will also include exclusive content such as a playlist featuring songs from Merlins upcoming album ‘The Songs You Want to Know’.

“Our focus is on providing a curated playlist of content, and not on creating a catalog of content that is exclusive,” Merlin chief operating officer Rob Bickford said.

“Our approach is to focus on delivering the music fans have been asking for for a very long time.

The app will allow you to find music and access it for free.”

Merlin previously launched a service called the Music Feed that allowed fans to buy music on the internet and to stream the music to devices connected to the internet.

Merlins new app has been designed to make it easier for fans to explore music in an entirely new way.

It will allow the user to find the music they want to hear and discover it for themselves, which will be through an intuitive interface, including the ability to search, create playlists and download the songs.

Merwin Music will be available on iOS and Android devices through the app and the company is working on adding support for Windows and Mac users.


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