Google says it’s shutting down its online bookstore and shutting down all of its content publishers

Google said Wednesday it is shutting down the company’s online book store, its e-book publishing platform, and its app and mobile apps.

In a blog post, the search giant said it was closing down its bookstore, the e-books and apps, and the Google Play app store.

It also announced that it was shutting down “all of its major content publishers,” which include Amazon and Apple, which it described as “the most important partners and advertisers in our ecosystem.”

The company said it’s closing down all the products it has built, but that the company plans to continue working with its publishers.

Google said it will continue to partner with its content partners.

In a blogpost, Google said it would continue to work with its partners, but it “does not anticipate changing the business model.”

The move follows Google’s announcement in September that it would stop providing a free version of its Google Play Music app and services.

Google has also announced the departure of its publisher unit, iBooks, which is part of the company that owns the iBooks digital library.

Google’s decision came as a result of the launch of the Kindle app in the Apple app store in November and its decision to shut down the ebooks and books service for its Android smartphone operating system.

The decision to close down the two digital publishers, which Google calls the “world’s most valuable and diverse content creators,” comes a month after the company announced it would cease all online services for its music app and apps.

That move comes a week after Google announced that Amazon and iTunes would no longer be allowed to offer digital downloads of its music, TV shows and films.


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