How to Get a $150,000 Book Deal From ‘Game of Thrones’ Producer: Watch

A few months ago, the internet was abuzz with excitement about Game of Thrones producers Jon Bernthal and David Benioff releasing a book, entitled “The Winds of Winter,” about the epic series.

Now, Bernthal is putting the book out as a digital download for $100,000.

That’s the same amount of money the show has made on the streaming service.

The book will be available in eBook format, which means it can be read by those with limited digital literacy, but not by those who have mastered the technology to read ebooks.

That said, there are plenty of fans who already have the book and will happily be able to download it for free on their devices.

It’s also important to note that the book is not a full-length audiobook; the audiobook version is about 150 pages long.

So, the digital download is worth it for the fans, as long as you don’t end up spending $150k on a book that you’ll never read.

Bernthal says that he’s been working with Beniof for a number of years to bring a book like this to the digital world.

He has the story “in a very clear and simple format, and he has really brought the story to life.”

It’s the latest in a string of digital-first releases for Bernthal, who is also working on a film adaptation of the series.

And he’s even signed on for a TV adaptation of “Game of Thrones.”

He also has the option of adapting the books for the stage.

He says, “This book is a huge part of my creative process.”

For the fans of “The Song of Ice and Fire,” it’s important to remember that “Game Of Thrones” is a massive success on a massive scale.

And the series continues to make headlines with every new episode.

Bernholt says, “[I’m] trying to get more fans into the books and more fans engaged in the storytelling.

It seems as though “Game” is becoming a regular feature on HBO. “

I am hoping to get a lot more people involved in the production of this book.”

It seems as though “Game” is becoming a regular feature on HBO.

You can now catch “Game,” a weekly program on the network, and the show’s other shows are also being released on HBO, including the upcoming sixth season of “True Detective.”

HBO is currently in the process of making an announcement about the next season of its hit series.

It will be airing on Sunday nights, and you can catch the first episodes of “Real Time With Bill Maher,” a series that was created by HBO producer Amy Pascal.


HBO has also released a series of episodes of the upcoming “Downton Abbey,” which stars Catherine Tate as a Queen Mary and is being released to streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime.

You’ve seen the first episode of “Dumb and Dumber,” but the upcoming season of the show will be filmed in the U.K. and will be broadcast in the fall.

“Dumber and Denser” will also be produced by “Game’s” Mark Rylance, who will be returning as the showrunner.

HBO is also set to release another new series, “Game Masters,” on Nov. 1.

You know, the one that’s going to get HBO’s attention.

The series is being produced by Mark Bomback, who previously wrote the animated comedy “The Mark of Zorro,” which is about a man who uses his knowledge of chess to fight evil.

He also wrote “The Simpsons,” “Community,” and the popular animated show “Futurama.”

And “Game Makers” is also based on a script by Marc Segal, who also wrote the original “Dance Moms” episode.

You might be wondering how HBO’s new shows will work with the show.

It turns out, “Dancing with the Stars” will be in the same boat as “Game.

We want to give them a place to come and watch and learn about the show they love. “

We are trying the most innovative thing we can think of for a show, which is to try to create a place where we have a new show, and people are able to connect to that.

We want to give them a place to come and watch and learn about the show they love.

We will definitely have a place for people to watch.

It may be a separate channel for the first season, but the whole season will be on a new channel, HBO Now.”

Bernholts first big success came with “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, which he co-wrote with Mark Bombacks wife.

“It was a dream come true to be part of a project like that,” Bernhols said of the work that he had done with Bombacks.

“But it was also the start of


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