When Vybz Kartel’s Music is Not Yours, Yours is the Music

Vybor Kartel says his new music-publishing company is the first to offer music publishers a way to monetize their songs without having to pay them.

Kartel is CEO of Vybors Music Publishers, a new company that will be launching today.

VybsKartel said his company has been working on a business model to give music publishers the option to pay for music without having the song downloaded.

It sounds complicated, but Kartel explained it’s easy to understand.

The publisher can choose to pay royalties, which are calculated based on a percentage of the sale.

They can also use a platform like Spotify to generate revenue through advertisements.

Spotify, for instance, pays royalties based on how many streams a song has.

The same system can be applied to other types of music.

Spotify pays royalties for a song’s duration, the number of plays, and the length of playlists.

For artists like the Foo Fighters, Spotify’s system allows them to make a percentage commission on each song.

Kartels music publishers will also offer a subscription service that lets fans stream a song for free.

If they subscribe, the music publisher will receive a percentage on their sales.

The music publisher also pays royalties to the artist in the form of royalties for the time the song is playing on Spotify.

This will give them a bigger incentive to release a song, even if it doesn’t sell well.

Kartes music publishers have already been offering paid subscriptions for music in the past, but the company is different.

The system is unique, Kartels said.

“The way music is monetized today, you have to pay a lot of money upfront,” Kartel said.

The payment option works on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Spotify currently offers paid subscriptions on iOS and Android, while the service on Windows is still in beta.

Spotify does not allow the user to cancel subscriptions.

Kartles music publishers also are trying to build a subscription-based music business.

“There are people who are doing paid subscription and paid music services today.

The big problem with that is it’s too expensive,” Kartels told The Verge.

“If you have a song that you’re making $10,000 to $20,000 a song and you don’t have a publisher paying a royalty to Spotify, you can’t get any traction.”

Kartels plan is to build his own business model.

Spotify wants to be able to give the music publishers an option for their artists to be paid upfront, so they can sell more music.

The subscription service will allow music publishers to create their own business models, and that will help Spotify make money, Kartel added.

Spotify plans to launch its own music publishing platform in 2019.

The company did not have an exact release date for its new subscription service.

The service will be similar to Spotify’s Music Unlimited, but it will have a subscription system similar to that of Spotify.

Kartelt will be sharing more information about the new service soon, including pricing, and more information on the music publishing industry will be released later this year.

The Verge will be following Kartel and his company closely as they launch their new music business model in 2019 and beyond.


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