Nashville Music Publishers: We’re Not Going Away

We are a small, independent Nashville music publisher and we believe our current success and current state of affairs are not sustainable.

The Nashville Music Publisher Association is a grassroots group of independent music publishers who are united in our commitment to building a sustainable business.

Our goal is to build a sustainable, sustainable, and sustainable-for-the-future Nashville Music Publishing industry, and that means our efforts must focus on quality and integrity.

We believe our business is being driven by a few small, self-interested, and highly-biased businesses who want to profit off of our success.

We understand that these businesses are not looking to provide a sustainable environment for music, but we also understand that if we’re going to be successful in that industry, we must work together.

As the sole owners of Nashville Music publishing, we are not going away.

We are committed to maintaining Nashville Music publishers success and our ability to continue publishing music and music publishers’ music in the future.

We need your support to continue building a business that is going to support our continued success and to grow our community.

We will continue to be available for business development and outreach opportunities, as well as to provide additional services for our community members.

We look forward to working with you and your industry in the years to come.


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