How to Create a Premium Podcast: Podcasts for $50

Posted August 12, 2018 05:07:15A new service for music publishers is starting to emerge, one that lets you pay for podcasts in real-time, a new trend that could help revive the music industry.

The New York Times has launched a new podcasting service, Podomatic, that lets listeners subscribe to up to three podcasts in a single day for a flat $5 fee.

And that is an improvement over the traditional model that has been available for years, where the fee can be up to $100 for a monthly subscription.

For the uninitiated, podcasters pay a subscription fee to the platform.

Once a subscriber subscribes, they receive a unique, personal identifier that can be used for personalized advertising.

That allows the podcaster to build a social following.

A few years ago, the industry had to deal with a slew of other digital services that came to dominate the music business.

Those were subscription-based services, which charged an upfront fee for a limited number of songs.

Then there were mobile apps that allowed users to stream their music offline.

But that all changed when Spotify and Apple launched the streaming music service in 2010.

Spotify offered a $9.99 monthly subscription for premium music, and the music services then offered $6.99 for the same service.

The only way to subscribe to these services was to buy a subscription.

The new service Podomatic is different in that it offers a $50 annual fee for the service.

Podomatic uses a platform called Zapier, which lets the podcasters subscribe to a wide variety of podcasts.

That way, the podmakers can customize the format of their subscription.

The subscription price is based on the number of podcasts you subscribe to, the type of content you listen to and the price of the content itself.

A $50 subscription costs $40 for the first year.

After that, Podonic charges $40 a month.

If you subscribe three times in a calendar year, you can pay $80 a year.

Podomatic offers a host of features, including an ability to buy audio and video files and use them to create audio and visual podcasts, along with a “podcast producer” to upload audio and videos to the service for playback.

The podcast producer also provides the ability to add music to the content.

As a new service, the Podomatic service has some challenges, but it is a welcome one that will likely attract some new podcasters.

The company was founded by Adam Yee, the CEO of a company called A.V. Club.

The company has an established audience and has been selling podcasts for a while.

It launched its first podcast last fall and has since expanded to about 20,000 subscribers.

Podmatic, which launched in March, has a free version, which includes audio and audio-only features, and a subscription option that includes audio, video and video-only content.

Podmatic also offers a “pod curator” feature, which allows the user to create a personal playlist for the podcast and also share it with other Podomatic subscribers.

The podcast producer is also available for $10 a month, and you can also buy audio files that can then be used to create the audio and visuals for your podcast.

Podcasters can also upload their podcasts to the Podmatic platform.