New choral songs will be added to Indian music publisher’s catalog

News24 | October 10, 2018 12:25 pmHiranandam Raju, head of corporate affairs at JAL Music Publishing said that the company is working towards adding new choral albums to its catalogue, which it is now planning to launch in 2019.JAL has been a leader in choral album publishing for the past three decades, having released more than 1,500 choral and instrumental albums in the past decade.

The company had recently launched a new digital-only choral content portal called Bandi Music.

The portal will also be available on the JAL website.

“We are planning to start selling choral CD/DVD and digital content.

There are plans to start adding choral CDs to JAL’s catalog, and there are also plans to add more digital music to our catalog.

We will be adding new songs and albums on a weekly basis,” he said.

The new chorale songs, he added, will be released at a fixed time on Bandi’s website.

He also said that new chorsets will be available for purchase on Bandip’s website, and that new music releases would be announced on JAL and Bandi soon.


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