When you’re a rock star, you’ve got to get into your own music business

Latham Music Publishing announced today that it will acquire the rights to several popular electronic artists including Nine Inch Nails and the Smiths.

The company will also acquire the right to sell the music of artists including The Beatles, The White Stripes, The Smiths, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and others.

The acquisition will give Latham access to the music industry’s largest music catalog and will make Latham the world’s largest online music marketplace.

Latham CEO David Latham said that the deal with Nine Incht Nails will enable the company to offer the most popular electronic music to the most consumers.

Nine Inchoics last sold about 1 million albums in 2016, with more than one million albums sold online.

Lantz said that his team of executives is focused on building a “new” online music industry that is focused and profitable.

The acquisition is the culmination of a multiyear strategic partnership between Latham and Nine Incheth Nails.

Lottas executive vice president of global marketing and marketing partnerships, Rob Wibbins, said the deal will enable Latham to create a platform for more artists and musicians to make money through digital distribution.

“We will be able to leverage our vast experience in music distribution to help our artists reach more listeners,” he said.

Latham said it is a natural fit with the company’s mission of enabling musicians to continue to reach new audiences through their own artistic creations.

The sale of the Nine Inches catalog to Latham will enable it to distribute its music on iTunes and other digital platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

The music industry has been on the back foot since music streaming services started offering digital catalogs in 2016.

Music licensing giants like Spotify, Apple Music and Google Music have all sought to make it easier for artists to make music and have struggled to do so.

The digital catalog market has exploded in the past few years, with Spotify’s own Music Unlimited offering more than 20 million songs, Apple’s Music Store offering more 200 million songs and Google’s Music Unlimited getting a lot of attention.


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