How to write a book that will sell – and earn money – for the artist?

A new book, Why We Write, by acclaimed author and writer Jane Austen, aims to help musicians get their work out there.

It includes advice on how to get your song to the public, how to publish, how best to sell and how to market.

But the book is a different story for each artist.

“I was actually kind of surprised to learn that the only reason why there’s so much interest in my book is because it’s a really good example of how to write, to make money and to do it well,” Ms Austen told ABC Radio Melbourne.

Ms Austens best-selling novel of 1895 is based on her father’s story of a widower who tries to get out of the house by writing a novel about himself.

She wrote her first story for publication in 1885 and later published a novel in 1890.

She died in 1901 aged 90.

In the first edition of the book, titled The Wife, Ms Austenes story of the husband was the centrepiece.

It was followed by more stories that she wrote for her husband, including The Widow of the Blacksmith.

In her later years, she also wrote the novels The Blacksmith’s Wife, The Blacksheep’s Wife and The Redcoat.

Ms Williamson, who is also the author of two books, The Lady Who Loved Her Wife and One of Us, said Ms Austeny’s work was very much rooted in her upbringing and family life.

“She was a very very loving person,” she said.

“My mum used to tell me stories about her, her grandparents.

She would tell them about her favourite book and what it was called.”

The book has been described as “beautifully illustrated and written with such precision that it’s almost impossible to miss the mark.”

Ms Williamson said it was a great example of her daughter’s talent as a writer.

“That book is about a very simple thing, and that’s the story of how you get a book to the people who want to read it,” she explained.

“It’s a story about what happens when you’ve got a beautiful story that’s well written and well presented and the way you tell it.”

What’s next for the book?

Ms Williamson believes it’s time for other authors to follow her daughters footsteps.

“Jane Austen was a wonderful writer and her books have been a great vehicle for people to think about the human condition and their place in it, to understand what it means to be human,” she told ABC radio.

“So I think that she should be recognised as a living, breathing thing.”

The best-seller: Jane Austens novel about a widowed woman who works on her novel with her husband is currently being read in bookstores across Australia.

The book is being re-released on September 18, with a new edition expected in the autumn.

You can read more about Jane Austene’s life, career and writing here.


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