Trump’s latest attempt to get a new digital music publisher to sign on for the presidency: Deal or no deal?

Trump has tried to sign a new deal with the Recording Industry Association of America and the National Federation of Independent Music Publishers to create a new type of digital music distribution service, but the music industry is warning that such a deal could only make things worse.

Trump and music industry officials met with representatives from the three major digital music publishers on Thursday and Friday to try to strike a deal that would allow the companies to distribute music to listeners without any government interference.

That effort came as part of a plan that included an increase in royalties from existing pay-per-play arrangements, as well as more favorable royalty rates for artists and smaller record labels.

Trump’s latest effort to get the new digital distribution service is called the Trump Digital Library.

The initiative would provide free music to users across the U.S. in digital form, with access to an enhanced catalog and an additional catalog of albums, videos and other media that could be downloaded and played.

But critics of the new service say it would hurt smaller artists, with less content and fewer opportunities to reach listeners, and they’re urging the president to drop the idea.

“I believe that the Trump Library is a good idea, but we need to take the deal seriously,” said Michael J. Casey, chief executive of the National Association of Broadcasters, which represents the recording industry.

“We need to work with the government to get this done.”

A spokesperson for the Recording Academy, which has opposed the Trump plan, told Politico that the organization is still reviewing the Trump proposal.

“While we are deeply disappointed by the proposed legislation, we are evaluating the president’s proposals to protect the industry’s best interests,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

The Recording Academy is not a part of the administration’s push to overhaul the government’s digital music policies, and has been a vocal critic of the plan.

It is also opposed to the plan because it would be a big step backward from current policy.

“This is the Trump administration’s last chance to save the industry,” the recording academy’s executive vice president of communications, Jim Dolan, said in an email.

“But this isn’t a one-off.

This is a pattern of duplicity and duplicity over and over again.”

Casey said the Trump library is “not going to happen.”

“The record industry has been waiting for years to get its day in court,” he said.

“It has had no luck with the courts.”

The president’s plan to overhaul federal digital music regulations would make it easier for music labels to control the distribution of music, which would open the door to the kinds of new music streaming services that were once considered impossible.

But there are also worries that the new rules would make the music business more vulnerable to online piracy.

Trump also has proposed a $5 billion “internet tax” on streaming services, which could be used to buy a lot of content for a few bucks.


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