Poland to offer digital download of ‘Zsync’ album for streaming

Poland is to offer its fans an online download of a new Polish electronic music album in a bid to encourage new and more diverse music fans to listen to their own music.

In a bid for a more diverse and diverse audience, the government has announced plans to offer an “online download” of the band’s new album Zsync, which will be available for free downloads on a special digital platform.

The new album, titled Zsync: The Journey of a Family, will be released by digital music portal Zync on Tuesday, December 6, with the first vinyl copies of the album available for download through the platform.

According to the press release issued by the Polish Ministry of Culture, the Zsync album will be “available for download in a variety of formats, including mp3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, MP3 and WMA, on the Zync platform, in a wide variety of languages.”

According to Zync, Zsync is one of the most successful Polish artists of all time, having released four albums in 2016 alone, including a self-titled album, and a number one album in 2015, which was awarded the prestigious prestigious award of the International Grammy Awards.

In an interview with Zync’s music website, the band said they were inspired by the concept of “sharing” their music with the wider world, and were hoping to inspire more people to make their own choices in music.

The band, who are members of the popular Polish music collective Zynko, also said they felt that they were being “undervalued” by the traditional music industry.

Zynko released their first album in 2010 and have since released seven more studio albums, including the critically acclaimed debut album The Art of Life, released in 2012.


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