‘Reservoir Music Publishing’: A music publishing company with an emphasis on emerging artists

A new music publishing startup that was founded by an ex-Coca-Cola executive is now looking to broaden its audience and develop new music.

“ReservoMusic” launched in April of this year and is now the publisher of indie labels, with plans to launch more labels and other businesses as the company continues to expand its presence in the music industry.

ReservoMusical Publishing (RMP) was founded with the goal of making music publishing more accessible and accessible to as many artists as possible.

Its founder, Joe Wollenberg, started RMP with his mother, Mary Ann, when she was working as a nurse in the health care field.

Mary Ann is the sister of former Coca-Cola CEO John Wollenburg, who is the CEO of Resolve Media.

Resolve, which launched in 2017, has about 150 employees and is the parent company of several other music publishing companies.

RMP has expanded beyond just publishing music to also providing marketing services for bands, which Wollberg describes as a “golden opportunity” for the company.

“It’s just a great opportunity for us to make sure we have the right artists,” he said.

Resolved has a “trending” music program and has been working with bands like The National and The National’s John Fogerty, who were also interested in pursuing more professional publishing.

“We’re not just putting music on the shelves,” Wollinger said.

“Resolved is also helping artists build their own music catalogs. “

The company has a catalog of nearly 1,000 music titles and about 100,000 songs in its library. “

Resolved is also helping artists build their own music catalogs.

He also said that Resolved is looking for artists to be the primary marketing agency for the catalog. “

When you start to develop your own catalog, it can be really daunting to have to do a lot of research, but it’s just like a dream come true,” Wockenberg said.

He also said that Resolved is looking for artists to be the primary marketing agency for the catalog.

“You can’t do a great job if you don’t do that, because then you’re not going out there and marketing yourself,” Wllenberg said, adding that Resolve has helped artists create “one-of-a-kind, unique sound catalogs.”

Resolved also launched a “Coca Cola Music Awards” website in March, where musicians can nominate themselves for a chance to win $100,000.

The site has also helped artists with their marketing and has helped them find new and exciting ways to monetize their music.

Wollers has been looking forward to seeing how RMP will grow, and how it will be able to cater to artists.

“If we can get to that point where they’re putting their own content out there that’s going to be great to use for our catalogs and then they’re not only going to put it on the shelf, but they’re also going to do marketing on it, that’s the magic,” he explained.

“They’re going to make their own marketing stuff.”

The company is currently working with the label A Tribe Called Quest to help develop their music catalog, Woller said.

Another upcoming project for RMP is a “Tribe Music Award” for artists that the company will announce later this month.

Resolutions goal is that it will eventually have 20 million music titles in its catalog.

Wockberg also sees Resolved as a platform for artists in an industry that is saturated with “tourist-friendly” music.

In order to compete with the big names, he said that artists will need to create more unique music and create a “brand that’s a little more unique than, ‘Hey, this is a tour-friendly music title,’ ” he said, referring to the term used to describe a new artist’s music.

Resolving will also help artists who want to launch a business, Wocken said.

Wollaert’s “Resolution” music licensing company will help artists make their music available to as large as possible audiences, as well as “provide access to their own catalog and to the music that is already out there,” he added.

Resolves plans to open its doors to artists in 2018.

“The way it’s going forward, the way we’re going forward is we’re hoping to grow our company, expand to bigger markets, and maybe even do more deals,” Wollaerman said.


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