Indie Rock Is The Next Big Thing in Indie Music

Indie rock is a music genre that started as a genre that emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Its roots lie in the early ’80s punk scene in the US.

Indie rock was originally created to promote rock and roll, and it was the first to break out of the confines of rock and be popular outside of the music industry.

It was the music scene that was the source of the popularity that punk music found in the mid to late ’80’s.

But indie rock has evolved since its origins.

Today, its popularity has more to do with artists and music genres that have more crossover appeal than it does with its roots.

Here are the five most popular indie rock bands that you should know.1.

A Tribe Called Quest2.

Pearl Jam3.

The National4.



The Roots7.



The Killers10. Blondie


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