What is Vevo’s future? Atv Music Publishing says it will expand to more markets after Brexit

Atv, the UK’s music streaming service, has announced it will launch in Germany, Belgium and Spain, as well as other markets in the Middle East and Asia.

The move comes after the European Union (EU) voted in June to leave the bloc and the UK voted to stay.

“We are excited to announce that our business model will be expanded to more European markets and territories in 2018,” said Mark Aylward, chief executive of Atv.

“This will allow us to provide the highest quality content in a more sustainable way, and it will provide additional revenue to Atv.”

Atv said it would start offering the Spotify-like streaming service to users in the UK in early 2018.

Spotify, a US company, has had to pay up to £100 million in licensing fees after the UK vote, and has said it will continue to do so until 2019.

Atv has been criticised for being too expensive for music fans.

It was bought by Spotify for £13.9 million in August 2018, just three months after it launched in the US.

Spotify said it was working with Atv on the deal and would continue to provide music streaming services to users across Europe.

At the time of writing, the Atv website showed that a free trial of Spotify’s service was available to users.

The Spotify-Like Music Streaming Service at Vevos website.

At least two of the world’s biggest music companies, Apple and Amazon, have said they would not support Spotify.

Apple has said that it would only listen to music from streaming services that were approved by Apple.

At Amazon, a spokesperson told the BBC that the company did not support any streaming services but would “look at all options to make sure we’re providing the best possible experience for our customers”.

The Atv deal is the latest in a string of major music companies to leave Spotify.

In September, Apple said it planned to start removing the music subscription service from the iTunes store.


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