What’s new in the new advanced music publishing API?

Google announced that it is adding the advanced music platform to its open source code, bringing to its Android app the ability to write songs and play them on the web.

This means that the Google Play Music service will now also work on the Web, giving users the ability for them to share their songs with their friends and listen to them on any device, whether it’s a smart phone, an MP3 player, a PC or even a connected TV.

Google Music was first introduced in 2010 and has evolved over time into a popular music streaming service, as well as a music app, as its users have become more demanding of quality music streaming.

In addition to being able to write, play and discover music from any device that is connected to the Internet, Google’s API also provides access to additional functionality that makes it easier to integrate with third-party applications.

It can be used to add music and playlists to your library, for example.

This feature will be useful to developers looking to create better-looking applications that support the new API.

“Google Music is one of the fastest-growing mobile apps in history,” Google said in a statement.

“With the release of the Android API, we’re opening up more of the core of Google Play to developers to help create the apps they want to use, including the ability in the API to write music and listen.”

Google said that the new features are being rolled out as a beta release for developers, and will be available to users in the coming months.


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