Kero music publishing company to launch in the UK and Canada

Kero Music Publishing will launch its UK and Canadian business units in the coming weeks, the company announced. 

The company said that its “core business” is publishing, licensing and distributing music through digital platforms such as Spotify, and it plans to open a new office in London.

The company, which is based in Sweden, said it would “provide a comprehensive range of services” to clients including publishing, distributing, selling, marketing and licensing.

The launch comes as the music industry looks to boost its presence in the US, where Apple Music and other services are competing with Spotify and Apple Music’s subscription-based streaming model for a growing share of revenue. 

“We are excited to be joining forces with Spotify, Apple Music, the Royalty Board, and the RoyalTY network,” Kero co-founder and CEO Andreas Lindholm said.

“The new joint venture will allow us to continue to deliver high-quality music in an accessible way, while also providing an opportunity for the music community to gain new and interesting content.”

The company is one of the biggest music publishers in Europe, with about 5,000 employees and about 50 music titles in print and digital.


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