Book publishers in Australia’s top 10 bestselling titles

Authors who are on the top 10 of the country’s bestselling music titles are in the Top Ten of the list of the top-selling novels and non-fiction books in Australia, according to new figures published by Penguin Random House.

The list includes more than 1,500 titles, including books about life, relationships and sport, as well as fiction.

A total of 2,521 titles are listed in the Australian Book Publishers Association’s (ABPA) Top 10 Books of 2018, while a further 2,094 are listed under the Top 10 Non-Fiction Books of 2019.

The titles are available to buy in hardback, paperback, e-book and Kindle formats, and will be available to read on a range of platforms from Google Books, Amazon, iTunes, Apple and the Kindle app.

Authors and publishers can find the list by visiting their respective websites.

“We’ve always believed that the success of books depends on the books that people are reading,” said Stephen Lang, ABPA chairman.

“The fact that this list is based on the number of books people are buying, shows that books are still being read, and that they are being listened to, by people across all ages.”

Top 10 non-fictional titles Top 10 novels Non-fiction titles Book of the year 2019: The Last Summer by Emily St John Mandel, published by W.W. Norton & Co. and W. W. Norton (Australia, $26.99) The Last Winter by Julia Child, published under the W. D. Griffith imprint (Australia: $29.99).

The Last Weekend by Paul Klee, published as A Story in the Storm by Simon & Schuster (Australia $26).

The New Adventures of Jules Verne by George Bernard Shaw, published in the US by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (US, $19.99), the bestseller of the first year of the 20th Century by Stephen King and author of It Takes a Village by Harriet McDougal (UK, £15.99, ebook £12.99 and paperback £17.99.

The Last Temptation by David Sedaris, published after The Last Vacancy by Michael Chabon and published by HarperCollins (US: $22.99 each) The Man Who Wasn’t There by David Mitchell, published before The Great Gatsby by Simon Sebag Montefiore (US$24.99-£26.95).

The Story of the World by Philip Pullman, published when he was in his mid-50s by Harper Collins (US $29).

The Secret History of the First People by Daniel Handler, published during the second world war by HarperPerennial (US £13.99.)

The Last Book of Kings by Charles Dickens, published on his deathbed by Harper Perennial.

The Best of Jack London by James Joyce, published while he was still alive by Simon and Schuster ($26).

Top 10 titles in Australian publishing history The Last Supper by Sir Philip Green: Penguin Books (US & UK), Penguin Australia, Penguin New Zealand, Penguin Canada, Penguin Asia, Penguin Latin America, Penguin Europe, Penguin Australia New Zealand (Australia), Penguin Latin, Penguin Japan (Japan) & Penguin China (China), Penguin Asia New Zealand $16.99 The Last Waltz by James L. Brooks: Penguin Australia & New Zealand ($20.99); Penguin New York, Penguin Rest of the West ($22.95), Penguin Rest Of The World ($23.50) The Best Years of My Life by Charles Bukowski: Penguin Canada ($22).

The Book of Dreams by Mark Twain: Penguin Newzoo, Penguin USA, Penguin UK & Penguin Asia ($24).

The Adventures of O. Henry: Penguin Japan ($18.99 for hardcover, $24 for e-books) The Great Adventures of Captain James Cook: Penguin Australasia ($25).

The World of Charles Dickens: Penguin Rest & Rest of New Zealand & Penguin Rest Rest of World ($26.00).

The Catcher in the Rye: Penguin Europe ($19.95, ebook, paperback & hardcover $24.95) The Old Curiosity Shop by Stephen Crane: Penguin NZ, Penguin U.S., Penguin Rest (NZ), Penguin Europe & Penguin Australasian ($29.95 for paperback, $29 for eBooks) The Autobiography of Malcolm X: Penguin Asia (Australia).

The Best American Novel of All Time: Penguin USA & Penguin New Zealander ($25.99 hardcover & paperback) The Wonderful World of Hugo Gernsback: Penguin South Africa, Penguin NZ & Penguin Australia ($29).

A Life of the Art of War: Penguin Hong Kong ($19).

The Seven Year Itch by Jack Kerouac: Penguin UK, Penguin America ($21.99 paperback, paperback hardcover) The Life of Pablo: Pablo Picasso, Pablo Picaresco


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