How to find the perfect song for your YouTube channel

Pelican Music Publishing has made it easier than ever to discover and share your favorite songs on YouTube.

The company has now launched a new channel for fans to share their favorite songs and add them to their own collections, including Spotify.

The new channel, Pelican Songs, allows fans to easily add their favorite YouTube videos to their collections, along with a selection of popular songs.

The new channels will also allow fans to download any of their videos to play on their devices, or share them on social media.

The company announced the launch of the new channels today, telling The Verge that it has “found that the new Pelican Pages feature is a big deal for fans.”

“Pelican Songs is the most user-friendly way to discover new music, share it, and create personalized collections,” said John Rafferty, president of Pelican Entertainment Group.

“Fans will be able to see their favorite videos from YouTube, as well as add a playlist to their collection.

They will also be able create their own personal YouTube channels, including curated playlist, and get more personalized content on their own accounts.

Fans can also upload their favorite song to their playlist and use it as a tag on YouTube.”

Pelicans creators have long worked to expand their catalog and increase its reach, but they didn’t initially think of how important it would be to have a YouTube channel dedicated to the songwriting of the artists they love.

“We started this journey to make Pelican music available on YouTube as soon as we could,” said Sam Brantley, founder of Pelicans music publishing.

“It’s been an exciting few months, and it feels great to finally have our music on YouTube, with a community of over 50 million fans.”

Pels music publisher says that it will be rolling out new content on, where it will also have a dedicated playlist of its own.

In addition to its music publishing channel, the new channel will feature new content such as original podcasts and new videos from Pelican artists.

The first Pelican YouTube channel is expected to be launched in a couple of weeks, but for now, the company says fans can find the new content right now on Pelicans website.

Pelican is hoping to be able the music on its own by the end of this year.