What are the best new music releases this week?

Next Big Fantasy is an independent, self-publishing label founded in 2015 and with a focus on the digital realm.

The label is currently producing an album by Australian band Stampede, and the company recently announced that it would be releasing a debut EP.

The EP, which we recently listened to in a live setting, has a heavy, electronic, and electronic-influenced sound, with a few sparse guitars.

While the EP isn’t available for purchase on iTunes, Next Big has put out a video that shows off the tracklist.

In the video, we hear a vocalist from the band, and a producer with a background in sound design, and some other producers.

The producer tells the band that they are a new band and that they’re going to be releasing an EP.

They explain that they made the EP because they “were really looking forward to making something new with the music we love, and we think it’s great.”

The band then tells the audience, “We are Stampedes, we’re in this band, we don’t really know what we want to do with our lives, but we’re trying to do our best to make it together.”

We are really excited about this new EP, and look forward to sharing more information about it soon.

We’re super stoked to announce that our label has just released our debut EP, “A Taste of The Stars.”

Stampedean is the quintessential indie band, with four members and one singer, and is a band that is both talented and talented-less.

We’re super excited about releasing our debut album, and are looking forward for the reaction from the fans.

The band is releasing a new EP every week, and “A Farewell To A Star” is the first to be released.

“A Faire Of Stars” is about a young singer/guitarist named Tami who’s been struggling with her music since high school.

The album opens with a quiet song that’s a little quiet, and then the band starts to kick in.

The song’s not the typical stuttering rock song you hear on most albums, but rather a synth-driven track with some kind of a groove.

It has a bit of a jazzy feel to it, but also manages to sound very danceable.

It sounds really good, and Tami seems to be having a great time on the track, and she’s doing a great job of balancing her emotions.

In addition to this, the song also features the voice of Tami’s mother, who is playing piano on the song.

She’s very calm and sweet on the piano, and it really helps the track fit together.

I think the album’s title is a reference to the first scene of Star Wars: Episode I. The movie, and its main character, C-3PO, are sitting in a small spaceship.

The character’s name is Yoda, and he’s a very wise-cracking character.

It’s also important to note that Yoda is not a Jedi, and doesn’t know anything about magic.

This gives the album its name.

“Beneath The Stars” starts off with a song called “Starring The Stars,” and the track is about Tami, a young girl who lives in a futuristic city called Stampedeon.

In this futuristic city, she’s a star, and everyone is looking for her, which is a problem for Tami.

The track has a nice, slow tempo and some catchy pop hooks.

It is definitely one of the better new tracks from Next Big.

“Stars In A Line” is another new track, but the track also features a vocal by Tami and a melody from her mother.

The sound of the song is more modern, and this is a good thing, because the song features a lot of singing.

The music video is beautiful, and you can hear the voices of the band.

The video is also a little slow, and I think that’s probably a good idea, as the music videos are often slow.

The first video, “Bones To the Bone,” shows off some of the production that the band has done on this album.

There are two main tracks on this release, “Starlight” and “Stars” which is the title track.

“Starlights” is a nice song that features some of Tae and her mother’s vocals.

It features a pretty catchy hook, and also features some great melodies.

The second track, “Stars,” is a new song that we haven’t heard from Tami in a long time.

It comes out with a nice drum and bass beat that fits the sound of this record.

It also features an interesting lyric from Tae’s mother.

She sings, “I don’t know how to love you, but I know I’m a star.”

This song has some of that same vocal that was used on the album, but it also has some new vocal


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