Watch Pauline Taylor’s ‘I Am The Future’ album cover

Pauline’s album cover is a visual metaphor for her desire to transform the way music is sold and consumed.

She aims to create a music publishing platform that is more collaborative, accessible, and accessible to everyone, and she’s aiming for a worldwide audience.

She is also hoping to bring her unique vision to life with a collaborative music platform that offers music creators the ability to monetize their work, as well as a dedicated platform that showcases their work.

Pauline is currently the president of Music Publishing Services (MPS), a New York-based company that specializes in digital publishing, licensing, distribution, and merchandising.

Her work is featured on such platforms as Billboard, iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal.

She recently launched her own platform called “Away.”

In a recent interview with The Sport, Pauline talked about how she’s been inspired by a particular artist, Kanye West, and how she is aiming to be more like him.

Pauline is a huge fan of Kanye, and her love for Kanye has been building over the years.

She said that Kanye’s music is her favorite.

She even created her own music in his name, with the song “The Life of Pablo.”

She believes that he represents a lot of what she hopes to accomplish in music publishing.

Paulina explained to The Sport that she loves to have a vision for the future and she is working hard to make it happen.

“I am really excited to be in a position where I am able to make music that represents my vision for music publishing,” she said.

“I am a big Kanye fan, and I know I can have a successful career, because he embodies so many things I love about music publishing.”

Pauline’s platform is a collaboration between a music artist, a music publisher, and a brand.

She plans to build a platform that has a focus on creating content that can be monetized through a platform like Tidal and Spotify.

The platform will also provide the opportunity for artists to earn a commission from merchandise sold through her platform.

She also wants to create platforms that are accessible to all music fans.

“A lot of the things that we are doing are really about people’s desire to be able to be part of the music experience and have the opportunity to connect with their fans, whether it be through a digital storefront, through an artist’s website, through a brand’s website,” she explained.

“These platforms really are about people wanting to connect to their music and make it more accessible to them.”

What is different about Pauline than Kanye is that she has more of a focus than Kanye in terms of being a celebrity artist.

Kanye does not really care about being a star.

My goal is to be a leader in the music industry and to be the next big thing,” she added.”

Pauline has a much bigger focus and she has this big vision, but she wants to be very open to what people can do for her as well.”

My goal is to be a leader in the music industry and to be the next big thing,” she added.

Paulina is currently in the process of launching her own service called “Home.”

“We want to be accessible to the world. “

Home is about bringing music to people who want it, whether that is through a website, social media, or a website that’s not a service at all,” she told The Sport.

“We want to be accessible to the world.

I want to have the tools to help people find the artists they want.”

Paulina hopes that her platform will become a true collaborative platform where artists can collaborate and sell their work to the music world.

She says that it is her goal to create an experience that allows people to connect and share their music.


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