When ‘The Man’ Died, The Times Did Not: The End of ‘The Times’

The Times on Saturday published an article with the title, ‘When The Man’ died, The New York Times did not’.

In the article, the Times of India writer says, ‘I am sure that the NYT will never again be in a position to say that ‘the man’ is dead. 

‘We were just too naive to think that the man was dead.’

The Times did however post a post on its Facebook page on Saturday saying, ‘Our mistake was to believe that The Times was the only major media company to die in the wake of the pandemic.”

The Times will always be remembered for its journalistic integrity and the way in which it stood up to the threat posed by pandemic, and the courage of our staff, and its willingness to be the first to publish information that was otherwise suppressed or denied,’ the post read.


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