XM Music Publishing has signed a deal to acquire a significant chunk of music publishing company Loudwire for $1 billion

The acquisition of Loudwire is another step in the growing trend of acquisitions in the music publishing industry.The company announced this week that it had signed a multi-year deal to purchase Loudwire.Under the deal, the company will now be led by a board of directors consisting of Loudawolf CEO, CEO Mark Thompson and Chief Creative

How did Aaron Rodgers’ $1 billion contract with ESPN and NBC become a major news story?

Aaron Rodgers is getting a $1.5 billion deal from ESPN and the NFL to be the NFL’s new head of football operations.The move is expected to be announced Tuesday.But the deal was not immediately disclosed, and the league did not immediately respond to a request for comment.Rodgers will be the highest-paid head of a sports

Which are the best music publishing assistants in 2018?

Music publishing assistant (MPA) software has become a common part of a modern music publishing workflow.The best of them are now available for the iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets.The software is free, reliable and well integrated into the music business.There are a lot of MPA apps available, but none of them is as good

Book publishers in Australia’s top 10 bestselling titles

Authors who are on the top 10 of the country’s bestselling music titles are in the Top Ten of the list of the top-selling novels and non-fiction books in Australia, according to new figures published by Penguin Random House.The list includes more than 1,500 titles, including books about life, relationships and sport, as well as

Koralt Music Publishing joins United Music Publishing in consolidation

The United Music Publishers group has merged with Agape Music Publishing, the publishers of popular jazz publishing Agape Magazine, the owners of jazz and blues publishing Agapes Jazz Music Publishing and the owners and managing director of the music publishing company, in a deal that will save United Music $7.5 million per year, the company

When It Comes to Music Publishing: Who’s Working, What’s Working and What’s Not

The Music Publishers Association is a group of more than 150 music publishing companies, with members from major labels to independent publishers.These publishers are also the main actors in licensing and distributing music to consumers.The list includes the top 200 publishing companies in terms of revenue, revenues from licensing, revenues per album, revenue per album

‘Reservoir Music Publishing’: A music publishing company with an emphasis on emerging artists

A new music publishing startup that was founded by an ex-Coca-Cola executive is now looking to broaden its audience and develop new music.“ReservoMusic” launched in April of this year and is now the publisher of indie labels, with plans to launch more labels and other businesses as the company continues to expand its presence in


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