How do you decide what’s ‘fair game’ for copyright infringement?

FourFourThree  –  The idea of fair game is one that’s been debated for a long time.In recent years, copyright holders have gone after music publishers for allegedly failing to comply with fair-use doctrine.But what if, instead, the courts decided that fair-game protection was not as effective as you might think?One such court decision has come

“Amadeus Music Publishing” to launch on Apple Music: Music publisher announced

Amadeus, the music publisher owned by Sony Music Entertainment, has announced that it will launch on the Apple Music platform.The company, which will be the only music publisher on Apple’s music service, said the announcement was made at a press event today in New York City.The announcement comes after Sony Music had announced its own

How to sign up for Spirit Music Publishing’s digital platform, the Prestige brand

The Prestige Music Publishing platform lets you subscribe to music from artists, albums and bands that have reached the highest levels of the music industry.Prestige is a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment and the world’s leading music publisher, with about 3.5 million paying subscribers.You can subscribe to the Prestiges Music Publishing service through iTunes, Google